Our Purpose

Our purpose is to develop accountable and ubuntu driven leaders that deliver resilient solutions to community challenges.

We train leaders by offering individuals the ability to practically explore the skills and critical traits of leadership. We cement the values of accountability and ubuntu through outdoor education, community service, blended online/in person seminars and values aligned mentors. Particpants are expected to actively apply themselves to challenges in their communities and at least contribute to the development of practical solutions amongst like minded peers. Promising leaders can count on meaningful organizational support to adapt recognized best practices through a global network of mentors, advisors and investors.

Participants and partners will be expected to hold themselves accountable to honouring our guiding principles of:

Hardwork | Timeliness | Integrity | Mindfulness | Kindness

Our Objectives

The foundation's core objectives are to:

1) Develop values aligned leaders

2) Finance and otherwise support the development of community aligned solutions

3) Hold leaders and organizations accountable to aligned verifiable socially meaningful key performance indicators

4) Develop and protect the uniting brand "TooMuch" to ensure that it represents transparent and ubuntu driven operational excellence.

The Foundation will accomplish this through leadership skills development programs and aligned supporting for-profit businesses.